Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

A TRIFECTA!!! 28th of the Month……

An update with three wonderful events!! 🙂
Event #1 – Feb. 28th
Thirteen select pilots have graduated in the first graduation class of 2013! My Three Grads
I am so very proud of all the students that accomplished this feat
along with those students that are still hitting the books to reach their goal.
Three of the graduating students started out in my classroom last August
and are now receiving their English Language Diploma.
Here they are – Hamid, Amani, and Shirzada – I am one proud teacher!!
Event #2 – March 28th
Just in case it has completely slipped your mind, it is MY BIRTHDAY in one month!  Yes, one month until I will celebrate with no carrot cake, no alcoholic beverage, and no Indian food.  At least I will remain sober and I know that my mom is smiling about that one!  But, please feel free to head out to The Ratskellar and enjoy an Andechs in my honor!  I promise to buy a round for those of you around in August when I return. 🙂
Beer and Beach
                           Not quite an Andechs nor my beach at home but sure did enjoy myself on this vacation a year ago!!
Event #3 – July 28th
I AM COMING HOME!  YEAH WOOH, YEAH WOOH, YEAH WOOH! Five fabulous months until I am back on my home turf with family and friends!  I look forward to my life returning to a non groundhog’s day status and sharing this wonderful experience with those that want to hear about it, and/or possibly see it, too!

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3 thoughts on “A TRIFECTA!!! 28th of the Month……

  1. Looking forward to treating you at the Wine Fest with Daphne! We miss you tons. Congrats on your student graduation. This weekend is 1/2 marathon in Paris. Not even trotting this year, just rooting peopel on!

  2. Marcia on said:

    Yea, Kelly! Congrats on your success with your pilots! Looking forward to having you back here in August.
    Miss you!

  3. Najibullah Amani on said:

    Thank you Dear K. Dorsch . I am always remember those Good days .
    Than you Again for best hard work that you all did for Us .
    Boise , Idaho , USA

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