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Nope, Not the Same Ole Day in the Sand…..

Even though not in Germany, still get my sign!

Even though not in Germany, still get my sign!

Today is a unique day – yep, not my regular groundhog’s day b/c so much is being packed in to today!  I can’t quite recall a time when I celebrated my birthday in the sand – well, there were a few years that b-day festivities took place at the beach – with co-workers, acquaintances, and students, and not my family or my overseas family and friends!! Having a wonderful b-day sign to enjoy, a special b-day party hat, party hats for others, balloons, and b-day plates and napkins made for a great start to the day!  Worked out, taught for a bit, had lunch with a few Special Forces acquaintances who are going to take me the range, enjoyed a spiced chai tea latte’, and opened my presents that came in the mail!  I love all my goodies and can’t thank you enough for thinking of me and sending gifts my way!! Below you can see some of the items that I received 🙂.

Tonight a group of us will head over to the Italian Pizza place for dinner and then we’ll enjoy some cranberry juice while envisioning pouring some vodka in it to truly enjoy its taste and toast to my day!  Look forward to next year when I can actually have an adult beverage to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you to my fantastic friends in Germany who are heading out to the Klein Konig to have an Andechs in my honor – look forward to skyping with you when you are there, plus celebrating once again upon my return! 
Here are few pics from the day!  My students seemed to enjoy singing Happy Birthday to me and especially enjoyed the oatmeal raisin cookies that were consumed in place of birthday cake which is hard to come by here!  But my acquaintance James at the DFAC, he hooked me up with my b-day cookies!!  Ahh, friendliness pays off  🙂 which reminds me, check out the pic of one of my presents – and thank goodness Linus and I share a bond with our special blanket because we both agree on being Outrageously Happy!!  You all have made my day just that and I can’t thank you enough for making my Birthday in the Sand a memorable one!
Friends know me well :-)

Friends know me well 🙂



Love all my goodies -- from decorations to tv series to sportswear to a happy place in my mind!!  THANK YOUI!

Love all my goodies — from decorations to tv series to sportswear to a happy place in my mind!! THANK YOUI!





Love Linus -- if only we both could have our blankets with us!

Love Linus — if only we both could have our blankets with us!

Birthday Photo with Students

Birthday Photo with Students
Birthday Photo with Students


Only Day Off….

of the week and spent it at the neighboring compound enjoying the “1st Annual Sports Day”. (Internet has been extremely finicky, so read this as if it was last Friday)   Although an extremely long day, all the students and  other participants had an athletic fun-filled day with the opportunity to participate in soccer (football if you will), volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, horseshoes, and corn hole!  Added bonus, mid-day, hamburgers and hot dogs were on the grill although it took a bit of convincing the students that hamburger was not made from pork — but stay away from the hot dogs, not so sure what’s inside those dogs! 🙂

Our students signed up for soccer (in the yellow jerseys), we had a volleyball team, a few playing corn hole even though that was new to them, and a few for horseshoes.   Yes, both teams for soccer and volleyball kicked ass and came in 1st place for each event.  One photo below shows their excitement on the soccer field and the group shot was taken at the end of a very long day! (Have been trying for an hour to download a volleyball pic, no such luck).  Although our compound took first place in two events, it wasn’t enough to secure the first ever Commander’s Cup of Sport’s Day!  Maybe next time………..Soccer Fun???
The Future Pilots

To be in Paris……

Although I can’t recall exactly when the Paris 1/2 Marathon first weekend in March tradition began for my friends and I in Europe, it sure does elicit wonderful memories! Not quite Paris  The first weekend in March has been a time to leave school right at the end of the duty day, head to the airport to hop on a cheap 99 Euro flight straight to Charles de Gaul, navigate our way through the subway system, and pop up right at our hotel when we exit the station!  Tasty meal that evening at the restaurant caddy corner to our hotel and a few beverages to boot and then call it a night.
The excitement of Saturday as we all headed to the Parc de Flor to pick up our race number and souvenir t-shirt (who cares that one year I wanted to take the “scenic route” along the waters edge that doesn’t quite make it to the gathering point for runners) which should roughly take 15 minutes to get there, yet ended up on quite the scenic route through the wooded area by Grandma’s house and 45 mins. later, we arrive — thirsty and cursing my name b/c we will be running part of the same route tomorrow!!  Photo ops, fun, and then it’s off to  sightsee, sit at a cafe and enjoy two glasses of wine, and head home!  Sunday morning, up and adam, quick breakfast at the hotel, down to the subway to join all the other 20,000 anxious runners, and forge your way to the starting point.  The starting gun is shot, and we stand there — yes, stand there, why you ask?  Well, we aren’t running to place in the top 3, so we are in the “pink section” indicating that we’ll finish between 2:15 and 2:30 mark :-)…  about 4 mins. later, the crowds begin to move forward and we are off……not quite to the start line yet, but to jog to the start line to make sure we hear “beep” as our feet cross the checkpoint!   

Lauf Kelly Lauf....I am not sure how many participants there are this year but I wish you all the best of luck and hope that the weather is like our first year running!  Sunshine and just about 60 degrees!  In your honor, I wore my old Paris shirt and ran a 10K instead of the entire 1/2 Marathon!  Can’t wait to hear about the weekend — sure you all had a fantastic time!!  

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