Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Full Circle

Hi All – 

When I left in June 2012, the Colonel of the base came to our last faculty meeting and he presented me with the Garrison coin, Garrison Coin along with saying a few words as I headed out on my new adventure!  

When I left Shindand, the Colonel there presented me with his coin and thanked me for all the hard work, along with the sacrifices made to ensure success for all my future Afghan pilots that I had the pleasure of teaching.  Wow, the Shindandy Sunny Days sure gave me a nice tan….but nowIMG_1225 

Now, IT IS OFFICIAL!!  February 2014 brought it all to a close.  The same Colonel from June 2012 came back to my school and presented me with the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism.  Thank goodness I wore a cowl neck sweater so the Colonel didn’t stick me with the pin or worse…  ha ha ha :-).   


THANK YOU  to all of you who helped to keep my spirits up while away for 15 months!  It meant the world to me to know so many people cared and I honestly can’t thank you enough!  Now, time to get back into the swing of things and share all the great adventures that are still come……  hmm, with France, Munich, Italy, Finland, Switzerland already visited this year, now it’s Dubai, Stuttgart, and a few other destinations in the hopper! Have I mentioned that I love my life? :-). Thank you once again! 


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5 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Penelope on said:

    It was a great celebration. Your medal should hold a special place of honor in your home and life.

  2. Jade Luthi on said:

    Very impressed. I also love your life! More good things are heading your way and I can’t wait to hear all about them.

  3. Francine Imrie on said:

    Love it and miss you so much!!!

  4. Well deserved! Wear it proud! You are an amazing person. You inspire others to embrace a challenge! xoxo

  5. Sue Krummrei on said:

    Most impressive Kelly! Congrats on a job well done and welcome home

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