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Situational Awareness and Lovely Living….

Imagine 48 FEMA trailers gutted and placed with 12 bunk beds in a row.  Thank goodness there are 10 woman and we are sharing two FEMA sleeping areas.  Every other bunkbed and things are great!  The air conditioning runs very loudly and ear plugs are a wonderful thing for sure! 

Today was situational awareness with retired slick water like animals :-).  Big and burly, not sleek and cute animals!  A bit of characteristic descriptors that we should all be aware of on a daily basis but seem to overlook. 

Tomorrow  is personal safety and am sure that I will learn some great new ways to stay safe!  Temps are to be in high 90’s and sunshine all around.  Don’t fret, gatorade and water every hour to make sure we are hydrated.  We all have learned the proper color during our potty break!!

Take care…. 




Ah — Language, Culture and History

A day and a half of pre-soviet and soviet era of my soon to be new location!  Very interesting information but did become a bit glassy eyed at some points.  The history and culture, religion practices and beliefs, social structures, tribal dynamics and power over a 4 hour period…..  I am tired!

Interesting brief about interpreters and the best way to connect with the one that I’ll be working with from time to time!  You know, there is a difference between an interpreter and  a translator 🙂

Language class is a hoot and it’s fun getting to learn the basics of introductions, numbers, the 5 w’s, and specific verbs that will be helpful in the classroom. 

Tomorrow morning bright and early we head out for our new location for the next 5 days!  Leaving behind the BOQ living and welcoming tent living with my other adventurous co-workers!    How I wish I had my Bose Sound Blocking headphones!!!!! 

Let the 2nd week begin… 


Wow, what a week!

Yes, very quiet on my end as it has been non stop since arriving in Indy!  Medical cleared, although first time in my life I have had cankles that have stayed that called for a visit to the medical clinic — ah, water pills are my friend!  Friday allows us a 5:00 end time and dinner at the all hands club with the cool chicks/guys!  🙂

Since the start, it has been 12 hour days and then some!!  I have met some fascinating folks from all over the world — love DoDEA and DDESS. 

Been introduced to an M9 and had to qualify to use — be careful when I am packing as I qualified on my first time on the range — 24/40!  Yep, I am a bad ass packing chick!  Did a mock roll over in a MRAP — don’t know, but go with it’s  a big tank.  Been fitted for my uniform and kevlar!  Geez, from the cute little girl who didnt like to sweat as a small child, look what I’ve gotten myself into!  Language and culture class to wrap up the week.  Oh yeah, Rhonda, Laura and Celi, be on the look out for some handsome men in black asking about me! 🙂

Working on Saturday with chow call at 7:15 and in the class by 7:50!  We’ll go until 6:30!  Sunday we get three hours in the AM for worship and must report at 11:00 until 6:30! 

Sorry for the delay, hopefully it wont be that long between posts in the future!  It has been an exhausting week!   Miss you all bunches!! 


Eyes are watching!


Learning always learning

Ah being schooled by patient lori


48 hours

wow I leave in two days! Crazy busy but excited!

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