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What’s an Extra Week?

10 days of Paid Home Leave — eligible for 15 but that would mean that I wouldn’t convert back to my regular ‘ol self in Europe in enough time for the start of the school year!  Although I won’t see the states or enjoy my timeshare in the month of July, I will have a bit of time for rebuilding my tolerance level for adult beverages, shopping, sun and sand but only sand that leads to the ocean, some more shopping, and friends and family before I fly out mid August (can’t miss the local wine fest)!  What makes my extra week in this sand a little bit easier to enjoy — confirmation to the following:

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back, the Hippodrome looks forward to having me!

50 Ways to Leave the Sand

As always when working for the higher ups, there tends to be a bit of bureaucratic red tape that needs to get worked through in order to be eligible for home leave!  Well, in order for that to happen, it delays my departure by a week but I’ll be able to spend extra time in the states before I head back to Europe for another exciting year overseas!  Although it is 49 days until I get on my first aircraft of four to start the journey to out process, pretend it’s 50!  🙂

Beginning of the SandStorm heading towards our Compound

Beginning of the SandStorm heading towards our Compound

Dig out your old records, locate it on iTunes, or just google the instrumental version of  50 Ways to Leave you Lover…and instead of singing along to the song you all know best, try it out with my lyrics below.  Now keep in mind that I am far from a song writer as you can tell from my rendition of…….

50 Ways to Leave the Sand

He came to me and said it is almost time go

I couldn’t believe it and just shook my head no!

How can I say bye to my students and new friends,

There must be 50 Ways to Leave the Sand….

I have to do it b/c my time is almost up

And my friends are waiting for me in Europe!

So although it’s difficult to think about now,

There must be 50 Ways to Leave the Sand

50 Ways to Leave the Sand….

Sand Storm arrives in our Compound!

Sand Storm arrives in our Compound!

Just pack up your stuff, girl

No time for a fun twirl;

Grab your bags and do an arm curl,

Just listen to me……

Head over to the ATOC

Sign up for your seat spot

To get out of the desert hot

And set yourself free…..

The students are really great

But it is time to cut bait

And no longer have debates

Every morning at eight!

Cold One on the Beach, Poolside, this point, anywhere!! :-)

Cold One on the Beach, Poolside, Patio….at this point, anywhere!! 🙂

It’s fun to meet new friends at The Far East

But now I must go and enjoy a brewer’s yeast

Hopefully somewhere down in the southeast!

There must be 50 Ways to Leave the Sand,

50 Ways to Leave the Sand……

Hopefully you were able to hum along and enjoy my rendition of my new song! In the midst of the 100 days of wind, trust me when I tell you that sand tastes the same everywhere!  🙂 Don’t think I go around tasting sand when I am on lying on the beach but I would venture to guess it’s still gritty in your mouth no matter how it finds its way to you!!

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