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60 Days and A Wake Up!!

Yes indeed!  I am now down to two months until I will be in another country getting prepared to out process and meet up with friends that I trained with at the beginning of this whole crazy experience!  To think 10 months ago  I was learning about being a monk, a chunk, or a hunk…and literally learning from hunks on how to handle my gun — oh wait, a gun is for fun, I mean my weapon!  Flying around in black hawks, learning a new curriculum with very exciting grammar points, safety drills, more safety drills, and always checking my six!  

Well, all those safety drills came in handy b/c with 60 days left in country, I have moved to another location.  The joy of packing up 10 months worth of “stuff” that made me feel more at home than in the desert in a two hour time span was rather interesting!  From a hardened building with only one roommate and a rather spacious room, to a tent with 5 other roommates and no space, but at least the rooms are plywood separated :-).  

Know that we are all safe and sound yet in a holding pattern for our next move. Check out my new digs…..  I never thought I would say this, but I do miss my compound, my space, my spacious shower and my toilet area where my knees didn’t hit the door! I was spoiled…..

My New Room

Clothes DrawerMy New Home...Tent 22

Sand, Sun, and Several More Weeks…..

After three exciting days of travel, and not sleeping in a bed since Tuesday night, I made it back to my base around 1:00 am and crawled into my single bunk bed around 2:00!  Exhausted but happy to sleep on a mattress not steel chairs or hammock type seats on the aircraft.  Speaking of the aircraft, once again, I had an “excellent to be friendly and outgoing personality” experience.  As we are loading up with our gear and finding the hammock seat that would be mine, the Capt. is chatting to me as we load up.  He wants to know if I would like to sit up front during the take off and weather permitting, the landing!  OH WHAT?  Well, my new acquaintances are laughing and carrying on about being a female and the things we get (it does help that I was one of three of the 24 on the aircraft), off I go to the cockpit (I am sure there is some other political correct word for it these days).  It’s amazing how high off the ground you are and how little everything looks on the tarmac.  After many checks, switches, turning of knobs, pushing of buttons, co-pilot check, pilot check, and making funny references to me sitting in the seat behind them, (yes, I had on headphones to hear/communicate with the crew)  control tower talks to them and off we go! Hauling ass down the runway, lift off, in the air, and up into the clouds we go…..okay, not that quick as it was a big plane with lots of stuff inside having to get off the ground, but my gosh, it was all AWESOME!  The coolest part, seeing The Palms and the 2nd Palm that was a flop b/c it is already sinking into the ocean..but I am sure the oil tycoons will figure out how to raise it and make it as successful as The Palms!  Also, cool to see the Burj al Khalifa from the air.  Although fun up in the front, opted to get some sleep and head back to my hammock!  

Back to the grind tomorrow, smiling with the countdown calendar of 77 more days in the sand (sorry family, misinformation from my co-worker)!  No photo as not permitted inside the cockpit or aircraft! 

Back to the Sand…..

and not the sand that allows for basking in the sun or frolicking in the crystal clear blue waters (with water shoes on, of course!).  Seventeen days pass by so quickly yet when I was preparing to leave, seventeen days seemed to drag on and on….but then again, I guess that happens when you are so excited to get somewhere and then apprehensive to leave.  Heading back with fantastic memories of fun times with family and friends.  Albeit to short, and not enough time to see everyone, it was great to have the chance to chat for a moment, have a drink to catch up, and/or a bite to eat with a beverage :-), and best of all, to spend quality family time with my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. Although we didn’t make it to a Waffle House, Dairy Queen, or to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, there were plenty of laughs, ball games, skate board riding, goofing around, shopping, hanging out at the pool, and eating delicious meals. Shrimp/Scallop Dinner   Enjoying Shrimp Pasta, Shrimp, Scallops, and a cold beer with Dad and Dee.  Off to the airport….. 

Okay, best not to poke your niece, I get it now!!

Okay, best not to poke your niece, I get it now!! No poking!

I am a nice person, why does my new niece look so scared?

I am a nice aunt, why does my new niece look so scared of me?

The follow through was great, A BASE HIT!!

The follow through was great, A BASE HIT!!

Don't worry Mom, I got my bag after a tough loss -- 3-2!

My nephew and my sister..  “Don’t worry Mom, I got my bag after a tough loss — 3-2!”

Yes, my 15 year old nephew is taller than I am!!  WHAT???

Yes, my 15 year old nephew is taller than I am!! WHAT???

My brother, supposedly the photographer but truly the ham!

My brother, supposedly the photographer but truly the ham!

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