Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

I am HOME!!!!!

Thirsty....  at 3:10 am After quite the whirlwind trip home beginning last Saturday at 11:45 am Kuwait time and ending late Monday when I walked through the front door, I am finally on the upward swing of knocking out this sickness I had and enjoying my last week at home!  Fifteen hours total in an aircraft, so after five hours a lay over is necessary and although it happened at 3:10 am, it was in Leipzig — yes, my work country away from home!!  So you know what that means — although sicker than a dog, and beyond exhausted, my first Weizen beer went down so smooth I believe I could have had a slight buzz with my 102.1 fever — yep, but it tasted just great!!!  Out processing smooth, catching my flight to S FL smooth, kicking this sickness taking a bit longer than I like, and now hanging on the beach with my sister, niece and nephews — what else could I ask for!

I do have to say that there are times that I look at my watch and wonder why I haven’t heard the base wide intercom system going BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,  “Do Not Evacuate the Building, this is only a Drill!, I repeat, Do Not Evacuate the Building, this is only a Drill!”.  The crazy things I miss hearing after a week are rather interesting!!

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8 thoughts on “I am HOME!!!!!

  1. Gloria Knauf on said:

    So happy to hear you are home!! Can’t hardly wait to see you!! The feasts are waiting 🙂

  2. Carolyn dolit on said:

    So glad you are safe and sound! Hope that the illness has past. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Penelope on said:

    Looking forward to having you back. Gerorgene is still stuck in K. Not sure when she will get out. Tell me when your here and downtown one night. Love to see you in person.

  4. I am glad you made it back safely, and I am proud of the service and mission you completed. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve been traveling while sick….ugh…..but happy to know you are in Florida enjoying family, friends, and beer! Looking forward to seeing you soon. ( you’ll be totally confused as to what time zone you’re in!)

  5. Uncle Craig on said:

    Welcome Home fellow veteran! We are proud of you!

    Uncle Craig

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