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Ah — Language, Culture and History

A day and a half of pre-soviet and soviet era of my soon to be new location!  Very interesting information but did become a bit glassy eyed at some points.  The history and culture, religion practices and beliefs, social structures, tribal dynamics and power over a 4 hour period…..  I am tired!

Interesting brief about interpreters and the best way to connect with the one that I’ll be working with from time to time!  You know, there is a difference between an interpreter and  a translator 🙂

Language class is a hoot and it’s fun getting to learn the basics of introductions, numbers, the 5 w’s, and specific verbs that will be helpful in the classroom. 

Tomorrow morning bright and early we head out for our new location for the next 5 days!  Leaving behind the BOQ living and welcoming tent living with my other adventurous co-workers!    How I wish I had my Bose Sound Blocking headphones!!!!! 

Let the 2nd week begin… 


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