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Redemption Island…. Still Sent Away

            The powers to be that oversee the Language Branch and are obviously in a different pay grade than I am, determined it was time for Francine and Richard to move on!  Well, that was the last Sunday in January —  and thanks to cancelled flights, bad weather and just not having any flights at all, they were able to try to redeem themselves with a stay on Redemption Island for a whole week! After the week was up, and “de plane, de plane” was able to fly again, it was determined that they were not going to be accepted back on the compound and were sent on their way!  It has now been one week and I still find myself saying before bed “Don’t worry Francine, the alarm is set!”, “Yes, we are going to the gym after class!” or “Shall we get a Chai Tea Latte tomorrow instead?”  The guys in the compound have been great and they have filled in as my ” battle buddy” — you know, although packing some heat, still not allowed to travel alone! I wonder if any of them would want to stop by the Beauty Shop with me —  I don’t think I’ll press my luck so soon into this little niche! I do miss Francine and Richard dearly but do wonder how much longer I’ll get enjoy my quarters to myself??  I’ll keep you posted……  

Francine packing up her goodies….  for some reason, can’t upload the other pic!

Francine Packing It Up

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