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My big adventure in the sand

60 Days and A Wake Up!!

Yes indeed!  I am now down to two months until I will be in another country getting prepared to out process and meet up with friends that I trained with at the beginning of this whole crazy experience!  To think 10 months ago  I was learning about being a monk, a chunk, or a hunk…and literally learning from hunks on how to handle my gun — oh wait, a gun is for fun, I mean my weapon!  Flying around in black hawks, learning a new curriculum with very exciting grammar points, safety drills, more safety drills, and always checking my six!  

Well, all those safety drills came in handy b/c with 60 days left in country, I have moved to another location.  The joy of packing up 10 months worth of “stuff” that made me feel more at home than in the desert in a two hour time span was rather interesting!  From a hardened building with only one roommate and a rather spacious room, to a tent with 5 other roommates and no space, but at least the rooms are plywood separated :-).  

Know that we are all safe and sound yet in a holding pattern for our next move. Check out my new digs…..  I never thought I would say this, but I do miss my compound, my space, my spacious shower and my toilet area where my knees didn’t hit the door! I was spoiled…..

My New Room

Clothes DrawerMy New Home...Tent 22

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5 thoughts on “60 Days and A Wake Up!!

  1. Andy on said:

    That bed reminds me of my college dorm 20-some years ago. Can’t wait for you to get back and hear all your stories over cold beers!

  2. Jackie whited on said:

    Kelly, I’m always impressed by your positive attitude! Of course, I don’t know the others, but surely you must stand out as unique. Good luck thru these last days. I think you may actually miss the experience. Think you’ll do a second tour one day? I look forward to seeing you.

  3. Jade on said:

    Darling girl I find you so inspiring You amaze me and make me so proud. Can’t wait for you to go to your home and start entertaining once again. Love you so. Ms Jade

  4. penelope on said:

    wow, they keep you moving. Can’t wait to see you in person and hear even more stories. School is growing and changing and I am very proud of the year we have had. Look forward to 2013-14.

  5. Laura on said:

    Thinking about you! I think you are down to about 45 days!! Yay 🙂

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