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My big adventure in the sand

What’s an Extra Week?

10 days of Paid Home Leave — eligible for 15 but that would mean that I wouldn’t convert back to my regular ‘ol self in Europe in enough time for the start of the school year!  Although I won’t see the states or enjoy my timeshare in the month of July, I will have a bit of time for rebuilding my tolerance level for adult beverages, shopping, sun and sand but only sand that leads to the ocean, some more shopping, and friends and family before I fly out mid August (can’t miss the local wine fest)!  What makes my extra week in this sand a little bit easier to enjoy — confirmation to the following:

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back, the Hippodrome looks forward to having me!

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3 thoughts on “What’s an Extra Week?

  1. Michelle Roach on said:

    We miss you Kelly!! Can’t wait to see you!! 🙂 xoxo Getting ready to eat dinner at 8:45!! Lol

  2. jackie whited on said:

    Oktoberfest will be just for you this year. I hope to go and see drink one with you.

  3. Susan Lane on said:

    glad you’ll be back in time for the Wiesbaden Wine Fest…we’ll have our regular table reserved and waiting for you! Ready to board our cruise ship to Alaska in the am, but visiting Vancouver for a couple of days…take care


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