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It’s Official…….

I have finally received my “Letter of Release” from my fantastic year of teaching in the sand! No, the release is not this week but it is slated for the end of the month!  I am very excited to finish up, and be able to spend time with my family and friends before heading to my world in Europe.  I do have a tinge of sadness as I have met so many great people, including this last month here, that it will be difficult to say bye — the positive I do see in it though, I am not one to say good-bye but “see you later” and hopefully those words will ring true for quite a few of my new friends here in the sand.  I am in the process of packing up two small boxes and a medium size one so when I begin my trek across the world to get home my luggage isn’t too much of a burden to drag around. I’ll miss the images below but know that they were all necessary for my safety while here!!!  Barbed Wire Safety!

Ah, protection...

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