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I am HOME!!!!!

Thirsty....  at 3:10 am After quite the whirlwind trip home beginning last Saturday at 11:45 am Kuwait time and ending late Monday when I walked through the front door, I am finally on the upward swing of knocking out this sickness I had and enjoying my last week at home!  Fifteen hours total in an aircraft, so after five hours a lay over is necessary and although it happened at 3:10 am, it was in Leipzig — yes, my work country away from home!!  So you know what that means — although sicker than a dog, and beyond exhausted, my first Weizen beer went down so smooth I believe I could have had a slight buzz with my 102.1 fever — yep, but it tasted just great!!!  Out processing smooth, catching my flight to S FL smooth, kicking this sickness taking a bit longer than I like, and now hanging on the beach with my sister, niece and nephews — what else could I ask for!

I do have to say that there are times that I look at my watch and wonder why I haven’t heard the base wide intercom system going BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,  “Do Not Evacuate the Building, this is only a Drill!, I repeat, Do Not Evacuate the Building, this is only a Drill!”.  The crazy things I miss hearing after a week are rather interesting!!

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