Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Learning always learning

Ah being schooled by patient lori


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8 thoughts on “Learning always learning

  1. Wow, that view looks familiar!

  2. Natalie on said:

    Lovely view….shouldn’t you be looking at the view of the inside of a suitcase?

  3. Dee Dorsch on said:

    Wow…. I guess it is real….. I am really so happy for you, since this is what you want, but I miss you already, and Dad does also…. We will be anxious to watch you on this and learn all about your new life for this year. Then when you come back to Germany, we must plan that wonderful cruise with Italy, Barcelona, and the Greek Isles, we’ll start saving up. Also, what ever you need, PLEASE email me, so I can get it for you and send it to you.
    All our love to you and I am hugging you now, love you lots Dad and Dee

  4. Jessi on said:

    Looks like you’ve got this figured out!

  5. Lynn on said:

    Just reading a blog is a new experience for me so I guess I’ll be learning some new stuff this year! Safe travels today! See you on the blog!

  6. Judy on said:

    Bachelorette night …where are you??? Waiting for the episode to show up, so, we’re having to catch up on Kelly Anne news…thank goodness there’s a blog site. We’ll keep you posted on Emily…we know you’ll be waiting. We are having quiche! Miss you! It’s just not the same without you here. We miss you !
    Hi ka its me do lie . I have no idea idea how to use this ipd. It feels so weird not to have you here. We know that it’s challenging experience, but were there behind you.

  7. Hilda on said:

    See you in San Antonio – July 17 or 18 call on my son’s (Roy) – cell 210-602-0101! See ya!

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