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Finally, some down time!

I am still here sitting at Camp Eggers waiting for the other eight teachers to arrive that opted not to get on the flight the six of us did in the first place.  So, we have some down time. 🙂  We checked out the Tourist Info Office and well, we can go to MWR, play pool, drink coffee, use the gym, watch a movie…but for right now, no tours outside the wire!  🙂  Well, I opted to update my blog and actually respond to some posts.  It is difficult to read Fifty Shades on my iPad when the battery is at 0% so updating it will be!

We had to meet this morning at 8:00 with our boss and it was determined we would meet again after lunch to discuss the afternoon game plan and the whereabouts of the others. Hopefully they arrive tonight and we’ll begin our two days of training.  Once training is complete, we will hopefully receive our assignments.  At this time, nothing is in stone and it could change at a moments notice. 

I don’t have phone information just yet as I have to wait until I get to my permanent base to determine SIM card purchase, new phone and SIM card purchase, or just stick with skype!  Just kidding, I can’t wait to be able to call and text!  My thumbs are twitching to use the keypad. 

Enjoy your Thursday…

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