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My Teacher, My Target

Here I am  with my teacher and my target!  Yes, his thumb and my pointer finger are covering the two shots that went outside the small black target.  But, the second pic shows how large the grey circles are — only six to a page, where my black circles were 12 to a page!  Ah, so damn proud!  Ladies, check out the other instructor over my teacher’s left shoulder….  couldn’t crop that arse out of the photo!!

Equal Height, Equal Light …

….one of the many mantras learned from the Spec Op’s hotties during weapon training!  Tap and rack was another that we practiced quite a bit too and during that exercise, ouch, I tapped great but fumbled on my 10th rack and caught my skin :-)….   After three days of learning valuable information, my group of eight competed in a competition. I must admit that my teacher said that I was a very good student and was able to hold my own, so he bet one of his other  hotties 20 bucks that I would be able to beat out his pupil in the “15 shots into the hole” competition. Well, all were given a target with 6 numbered  grey circles on it. Paul and I were given a target with 12 smaller black circles, no numbers, and my spec ops teacher said, you see where I put the X, I want you to shoot right there!  OH MY GOSH!  This is pressure!  The grey circles wouldn’t be a problem…..  I already accomplished that while shooting around earlier in the day!  NOW, 20 bucks is on the line and I have to win!  Well, there happened to be three winners from our group of eight b/c we all shot 15 out of 15 in our circles!  Paul hit his small black target all 15 times, Francine hit her grey target 15 times, and well, I won by default too b/c I shot 13/15 on the small black circles but when placed over the size of the grey circle, well, 15/15!  I was a winner too!!  We all received a patch from the special op’s guys and also received an individual patch from our teacher that only they wear on missions!  Over all, extremely cool!

Okay, have been trying for over 30 minutes to upload ONE picture…internet is a bit slow right now..I”ll try again and just send pic!!

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