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A Look Around

The living quarters are coming along nicely with the addition of Kenny on the outer door of my shelving unit.  As Nat said, “You have to love 17 year olds working at Walgreens that don’t care or know about copyright laws!” Plus, you have got to love my roommate, Francine, for her 16×20 collage reminder of my time with our hottie neighbors to the north!  My gosh, the eye candy on my plywood is a joy to look at when I am awake and yes, asleep! 🙂

But, you have heard enough about where I lay my head down nightly so I figured I would enlighten you about my “compound”.  Yes, a compound. I sleep, eat and breathe alongside my very eager soon to be pilot students and a few other fixed wing and rotary aviators that are mentoring our students!  They are a joy to teach, drink chai tea with in the evening, and  play “pseudo” beach volleyball in the compound.  In my compound, you will find my living quarters, my classroom, and my gym.  Everything else — the big gym, MWR, USO, the dining facility, post office, the PX, the Green Bean coffee joint — must be driven to, but not alone.  Sound simple, however, Francine and I must always have as we call him, “a strapping young man” with us at all times.  Honestly, Francine and I can fend for ourselves, but must adhere to the regulation — I think its reg 487C-4 subsection 2, but let me check with my colleague Richard who loves to quote the regs for me! For those of you that know Toby, this may sound familiar.

Here is my gym and the times for the ladies — you think I really make it then?  The tent on the left is the cardio tent — 3 treadmills, two elipticals, and a bike.  The tent on the right (backside of it) is the weight room.  Let’s just say that boys don’t lift anything lighter than 20 pounds, so why 10 pound weights?  (I tried for 30 mins to get the next pic to load and gave up — but if was posted below it would be:   an early pic of my classroom — a bit different now that there is a world map, 5W’s and present perfect tense hanging on the wall). Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow!!

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