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Gotta Love Concrete

I expect their to be some bumps in the road and hopefully those bumps won’t cause injury to myself or my friends here on the compound!  Envision a few teachers, a few students, and a few pilots sitting outside  “on the patio” of the Russian built concrete living quarters  basking in the moonlight and taking in all the stars (without any  freakin’ beer or wine).   Don’t forget to also envision the fluorescent lighting that allows us to see our tea, snacks, and mini iPod player, too!  As quiet hours are approaching, it’s time for all to head to their rooms and call it a night.  After cleaning up, one would think you would find the area the same when you wake up in the morning — except for the moonlight, of course.  Well, no one heard a thing, no one smelt a thing, and no one stirred in the middle of the night.  As I open the door to my room, and turn right to put the combination into the bathroom  door (which is located right next door), the lighting has caught on fire, burnt the ceiling, burnt the wall, melted the plastic, glass all over the ground, and all the wires are hanging out of the ceiling — with part of metal still hanging from the wires, too!  Thank goodness no one was out there and concrete is all around the sh0tty wiring in the building!  Yes, our room has a smoke detector in case one of our four fluorescent lights and its casing opts to explode… hopefully not while any of us are in the room since we all have one smack dab in the center of  bedrooms!  Never a dull moment around here — well, not never!!

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