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“I’m a Safety Girl”

There comes a time when everyone needs to follow the rules and expectations of being a safety girl!   My time has arrived here, although I must say that I usually do my best to be a safety girl at all times 🙂  We had the opportunity to travel from one location to another and see part of the city en route to our destination.  In order to travel, we all needed to wear our helmets, flak vests, and of course, my side safety, “Fifty”, on my hip. I climbed into the back of my transport with all the gear on ready for whatever came my way.  Well, what came my way was a non-working air conditioner, with four others jammed packed around me and perspiration in places I didn’t think I could perspire :-(.  Thank goodness the transport was only 45 minutes and we did arrive safely!  Here I am in the back of the MRAP donning my safety gear along with sweat beads on my face!  I must say, afterwards I had one of the coolest showers since being here!

PS:  Can you name the movie that contains the title?   My best friend Rhonda and I love watching it…..

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