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Three Month Anniversary

Nine fun months left in the sand — but if I count my R&R, a little over eight months to go!  Although I left Germany on June 14th to arrive in Indianapolis and spent over a month and a half “training”, I have been boots on the ground for three months!  So far it has been an incredible journey that began with lugging duffel bags and excess gear that I am still not sure that I need, to building new classrooms, and meeting so many interesting people!  Teaching is great, my students continue to be eager to learn and have me learn about their culture and dreams for the future!

From a bus ride, to a plane ride, to an MRAP ride, to a Black Hawk ride, and then finally on to my final destination, it has been a hoot with friends I have met along the way!  Three months has gone by rather quickly with the help of new friends, family, old friends (not in age), funny emails, Skype, Face Time, and of course, receiving packages! Please continue to do what you are doing to make the next nine months bearable!

Here I am in the blue bus that transported us to all the different venues on base to prepare us for our departure, and  here is Jessica and I on the bus bound for Indianapolis Int’l Airport, and finally, sitting down in our seats getting ready for the long flight to our final destination – Francine, Jessica, and I!


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