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So Proud …. 14 Future Pilots!!

I am not sure if it is the Ticonderoga Testing Pencil, the long days of teaching, the English immersion 24 – 7 with access to the teachers as they walk to and fro from the bathroom, eating in the DFAC, or just sitting on the bench in the courtyard, and/or the hard work put forth by the students that want to fly and improve their country that had 14 students receiving their English Language Completion certificates at graduation!!  Another successful group of future pilots are on their way and are now attending pilot training with the military and some contractors, too!!

For the next three months, 4 DoDEA teachers and 2 DLI Instructors will do their best to ensure that another group of wanna be pilots will graduate and walk the stage in early March to receive their diploma!   With the success rate that we have had, we expect anywhere between 10 – 14 to graduate once again — there are 38 students in the program ranging from 40 – 70 on the English proficiency exam, with 80 being the magic number to graduate!   Thank goodness I still have Ticonderoga’s to pass out on test day!! 🙂

Here are some pics with the students — some graduates, some still in the program!  In my handwritten journal, “Only This Shit can Happen Here” has many funny stories about some of the students that will need to be shared over a few beers and not here! Thank goodness the abundance of pics will be able to accompany the stories…….


The Boys DSCN1399DSCN1447

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