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Christmas in Shindand


Charlie Brown TreeOne would think that being in a Muslim country that it would be difficult to celebrate Christmas –well, thanks to family and friends, the thought didn’t even cross my mind!  My fabulous Mom started off the holiday season by sending me a lovely Charlie Brown Tree with my own mini stocking, that I just love, and then wonderful friends from Germany sent a lighted tree that joined the other.  Then every few days an email would come from the Air Force mailman that I have a package to pick up at the post office trailer!  Did I ever mention that I love mail? Any who, presents arrived and helped to keep the Charlie Brown tree and the regular tree company!

After having a tasty Christmas lunch at the DFAC, yes we had lobster tails with sparkling red wine :-(, we all loaded up into the suburban and made our way back to the compound.  First though, we had to make sure at all the security check points the guards enjoyed a traditional candy cane —  from their inquisitive stares, the jury is still out!!  Arrived to our quarters and Francine and I gathered around our trees and celebrated Xmas!  Sorry to say that we didn’t participate in the singing of Xmas carols but we did listen to a little Nat King Cole…..

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Christmas away from family and friends a whole lot easier!

Merry Christmas from the Sands of Afghanistan!!  Thinking of all of you…….

Charlie Brown/Mini Tree

Our Door Our stockings

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