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Ringing in 2013!!

Well, 2013 was rung in quite differently than any other new year in my life —-except when I was a small child, for sure!  Francine and I made the best of our situation by only briefly thinking about New Year’s Eve.  To us, it was just another day in the sand!! Having to work today, we toasted to our health, our family and our loved ones, and were snug under the covers and asleep by 11:00.  Yeppers, very different from years past!

Where ever the New Year found you, hopefully you were able to get in a great hug and a kiss on the cheek!! Here’s to a healthy, prosperous and loving 2013!  I do have to say though, watch out New Year’s Eve 2014 — I won’t be in the sand!!

PS:  Don’t be jealous of our beverage!!

Ah, Paper Champagne

My ear is thirsty!

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