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Six Months……Bitter Sweet!!

Holy Head!  YES,  I have been here for six fantastic months and have six more to go, but really let’s call it 5 months and 1 week because I still have my rest and relaxation  (R&R) time!

After being in the sand for this long, I have learned how to repeat the same outfit in a two-week period, to bite my tongue and just go with it, that the DFAC is truly the Dining Facility and yes, it does get tiring having someone else make your meals for you every day.  There is a huge difference between a teacher and an instructor and I have learned to appreciate the green around me (which are the uniforms of those protecting me) b/c the only color here is beige and then some more beige!

Being here with the same great girl to experience all this with has been another plus!  To be able to development a lasting friendship with another person, who happens to teach in Korea, has made the first six months (plus one month of training)  fly by!  But now the time has come for her to move on to another site and touch the lives of those just beginning to learn how to speak English!  Yes, Francine will be moving on Friday morning and I will miss her being here with me!  Although it will be quite the adjustment being the only girl on staff, I am positive that I’ll have some of my military friends in the compound drag me along to dinner with them!! 🙂

I haven’t forgotten where I come from with the help of my wonderful friend Laura — thank you for  your patience and skills — and making me smile every day  as I proudly  display the American flag!  Miss you all and can’t wait to see you stateside in 6 months or back “home” for the wine fest — ah, to have a beverage!  I believe my body just shook from withdrawals!!  🙂


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