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Soon, Very Soon…… Leaving on a Jet Plane

at least trying to get on one!  The journey for my R & R begins tonight at midnight when I need to call to verify if the flight I signed up for is still a go.  When I get that confirmation, that is really when the trek home begins.  One sleep over at my first stop in country, then off to another country for another sleep over, and then hopefully on a commercial flight heading home.  After re-reading what I just wrote, it makes the journey seem rather fluid and easy — from friends who were wiser that actually took their leave around the sixth month mark would have a hell of a story to tell about their sleep overs and connections.  But, along the way, did mention they met some great folks — so that is a perk! 

Many fun things planned while home but seriously just can’t wait to be with family and friends!  Cruising on the ocean blue, a baseball game or two, a seafood place aptly named “Kelly’s Landing Seafood Restaurant”, meeting my new niece (okay, she’s almost 8 1/2 months old but new to me),  a bit of shopping, and yes, a nice cold beer and a glass of red wine — can’t wait!!  Oh yeah, sand too but with waves crashing at my “water shoes” covered feet.

A big thanks to Trish, Susan, Carrie, and Jennifer for heading to my place and “shopping” in my closet for some clothes to send my way — gotta love Face Time!  Didn’t even think about not having a single thing in the states and obviously I am not in shorts or short sleeved shirts here!!  🙂 Krista, your rolling duffel backpack is making another trip around the globe — gotta love duct tape to help keep the wheels in tact — sorry friend!!  Don’t fret, keeping it light — backpack and a rolling duffel suitcase with a sleeping bag, fitted sheet and fleece blanket neatly packed away — how far I have come in my packing abilities!! 

Off to have a photo taken for Pat’s Shadow Run — ah, another organized event for a great cause! 

One rolling duffel backpack and a backpack --- love traveling light!!

Ah, traveling light — one on the back, one being pulled!  


Sleeping Bag a necessity in the duffel backpack!

Sleeping Bag a necessity in the rolling duffel backpack!


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