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Ah, to be home……

After three solid days of wonderful traveling (please do read with sarcasm), I am finally home and believe that I have conquered the jet lag!  The 14 hour flight across the globe wasn’t too bad as I had the whole row to myself — able to use the extended strap on the seat belt to keep myself safe and secure during the flight while I laid out and slept off and on for the majority of the flight :-).  Caught my next flight and it was a flight from hell — two rows from the back of the aircraft — but that wasn’t the bad part, the storms that the pilot had to maneuver through were horrific!  Bumpy, bumpy, and did I mention, bumpy for the majority of the flight! AARGH……..   my Fresca went flying off the table and got this prissy lady sitting in the diagonal aisle seat nice and sticky — sorry prissy lady!

I have been able to spend great quality time with my parents, two of my three siblings, meet my new niece (okay, 8 1/2 months old but new to me), do a bit of shopping, and enjoy some great tasting home cooked food!  I can already tell that it will be difficult to head back but knowing that my time is limited makes it all the better!!  My best friend arrived  yesterday and we are off this morning heading to the port to sail the ocean blue!  Can’t wait to relax on the seas, have a drink, see a show, have a drink, eat at the Captain’s table (oh yeah, we’ll get there – maybe??), have a drink, hit the slots, have a drink, and hey, possibly win at bingo again! Yep, thirsty just thinking about it 🙂

Great to be stateside so far for 4 wonderful days — sorry, no pics at this time, but after the cruise!  Happy Weekend to all….




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