Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Situational Awareness and Lovely Living….

Imagine 48 FEMA trailers gutted and placed with 12 bunk beds in a row.  Thank goodness there are 10 woman and we are sharing two FEMA sleeping areas.  Every other bunkbed and things are great!  The air conditioning runs very loudly and ear plugs are a wonderful thing for sure! 

Today was situational awareness with retired slick water like animals :-).  Big and burly, not sleek and cute animals!  A bit of characteristic descriptors that we should all be aware of on a daily basis but seem to overlook. 

Tomorrow  is personal safety and am sure that I will learn some great new ways to stay safe!  Temps are to be in high 90’s and sunshine all around.  Don’t fret, gatorade and water every hour to make sure we are hydrated.  We all have learned the proper color during our potty break!!

Take care…. 




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2 thoughts on “Situational Awareness and Lovely Living….

  1. Jessi Gillman on said:

    So glad to hear about your safety training and such. Sure, I would love to be there with you- I truly get why you are going. What an adventure like this can add to your life- what you will be able to do and experience- and in turn how you will be able to touch the lives of those you work with there- and then back here… It will be more like a tidal wave rather than ripple in your life and in the lives of those that are lucky enough to know you.
    Still, it is a relief to all of those that know you and want you safe to know that you are going to be trained and prepared.
    I do hope that sunscreen is included in your gatorade breaks. I know you are a lover of the sun, but care must be taken! SPF young lady!

  2. Pat Best on said:

    It is great to read about your adventures. I’m glad that you’re writing this so that we can see what you’re up to. 🙂

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