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San Antonio Fun plus Dad and Dee…

I have been rather quiet in updating and thank you for being patient!  July 5th headed to TX and went back to work immediately learning about my new curriculum.  Very interesting to understand what adults go through learning to speak English and how those higher-ups would like us teaching others to speak/read/write English. Gerunds, modals, passive voice, adjective clauses to adjective phrases, the use of as if and as though, negative tags (yeah, google that one and then it’s not so bad)…  Grammar, oh grammar — I will know grammar inside and out after my year-long adventure.

After working all week, Dad and Dee made it to TX to visit.  Fantastic having them out there for four days and we were busy, busy, busy.  Downtown on the River Walk, quick view of the cathedral, off to Mercado Square for some authentic cuisine and artifacts.  Stonewerks for dinner with a very good friend from Florida — so good that we all went back on Sunday evening for another try!  IMax theater to view The Alamo and then off to the Alamo with all the other tourists — interesting how “small” the remnants of The Alamo are today for all the tourists to view!

Love that Dad and Dee came out to visit and was great to see family once again before beginning my new adventure.  I wish I could upload a pic but I have to say that it was pure luck on the last two postings and I promise to keep playing around until I figure it out again! Shortly, I believe I’ll have plenty of time to do such a thing!

Happy Weekend to you — I believe I will be fortunate enough to see familyonce again this weekend since we are delayed on our departure!  More later…..

Take care and I enjoy reading your comments!  In time, I will comment on those too!

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