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Another night in the 16 man tent…

Yeppers, reported when we were told to and were given the news that “you shall wait another night, report back tomorrow evening at 8:30!”   I am beginning to dig the hurry up and wait philosophy, as there is nothing else!   If only I could get my pic to upload (internet connection is sloooooooowwwwwww), I promise my digs aren’t anywhere near as nice as where I wish I was still sleeping!!! 🙂  Will get pic up soon.



Wow, it’s HOT!!

After a very long day, I am finally in Kuwait!  Flew on a MilAir Flight on Delta out of Indy to Hahn, Germany for refueling!  It was great to stop there b/c I was able to touch base with a few friends prior to reboarding.

Then, back on the bird — yes, in the extended leg room in row 5, but not like the way Uncle Craig and Michelle hook me up every summer — no business class, just extended leg room.  The perk of being a DoD Civilian and not a contractor, being called first to board the plane — with open seating!

Made it to Kuwait and learned the meaning once again of hurry up and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait!  After a very disorganized way to distribute tent assignments, I was finally in my  16 man tent and secured a bottom bunk!  The lights are kept on all night to keep the critters away…oh boy, so I hung up my towels and my shirts, and my…just kidding, but not about the towel as the light seemed to shine right on my bunk!  Hmmm…

We have a brief at 8:30 this evening and we’ll find out when we get on our next military transport to Kabul!  My 365 days has begun and I am thrilled to be here!  j

Stay cool all — it’s 122 today!!!  HOT HOT HOT………

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