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Chunk, Hunk, or Monk?

Wow, who would you be if  you were away from home for a year?  We were given three options and were to think about what we would become while on this assignment.

Chunk — ahh, there are great smelling desserts on the cart; how about a midnight snack, chow hall open 24 hours

Hunk — release a bit of stress, enjoy time with folks in a new environment and get yourself buff

Monk — quiet time in the rack with a movie and/or a good book (well, All Fifty Shades are almost completed)

I know what I’ll do but what would you do??

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16 thoughts on “Chunk, Hunk, or Monk?

  1. Rockin' on said:


  2. None of the above, I will be spending time feeding the little one.

  3. Jennifer on said:

    I would probably go chunk at first and then get serious and go HUNK!!! Sounds like you are on the adventure of a lifetime!! Love the updates! Miss you!

  4. Jackie Whited on said:

    Umm…I choose chunky monkey.

  5. Laura V. on said:

    Hmmm…hunky monkey? Heard a similar version of this in Oki – you either become a drunk, a gym rat or a bible thumper.

  6. Susan Lane on said:

    Here with the all of the Benhams…including Danielle & Megan…Trish thinks you’ll be the hunk…can’t picture you being quiet enough to be the monk…can’t see you at the mess hall 24 hours because you need your beauty sleep!

    Love, you and take care,

    Susan and the Benham’s

  7. Carolyn on said:

    I just finished 48 hours celebrating Gloria’s birthday with Hilda, Lynn, Natalie and Lynn’s friend Erin in Austin, Texas. With the food and margaritas we were definitely hitting the Chunk, with Dolit walking everyone in the 100 degree heat we turned into dripping Hunks and the splurge on our own rooms heading to sleep as a Monk. Miss you KA

    • Happy Belated 60th Glo Glo! Wonderful to hear you had a blast in TX, even though Dolit thinks EVERYONE likes to WALK EVERYWHERE in the heat!! Don’t let her bully you like that again!!

      • Carolyn on said:

        I told the girls you would kill me for doing that to them. Believe I apologized a bunch of times. Then it turns out when they went to the BBQ spot I sent them THEY decided to walk there and back. Not so guilty now. I better start on my diet before you come home!

      • Gloria Knauf on said:

        Thanks Kelly! Feels strange knowing you won’t be around when we return to Germany! I expect to see you be a hunk, or have one with you when you return!

  8. Penelope on said:

    Hunk. This way I could endulge at the DFAC (which I hear is not that good) but still keep trim. It would also allow me to read and listen to music while on the treadmill.

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