Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

My Teacher, My Target

Here I am  with my teacher and my target!  Yes, his thumb and my pointer finger are covering the two shots that went outside the small black target.  But, the second pic shows how large the grey circles are — only six to a page, where my black circles were 12 to a page!  Ah, so damn proud!  Ladies, check out the other instructor over my teacher’s left shoulder….  couldn’t crop that arse out of the photo!!

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11 thoughts on “My Teacher, My Target

  1. That’s fantastic! Your teacher looks to be very proud of you!

  2. Brother on said:

    Yeah! I’m sure my Sis would like to make him proud…..HEHEHEH Now when you get back home, we will go to the range and see who shots better…..Love You be safe…

  3. Jackie Whited on said:

    Congratulations. Gun on your hip looks cute 🙂

  4. Uncle Craig on said:

    Guess I better get to the range and practice up with the Glock .40 cal and the Taurus 9mm!!

    Uncle Craig

  5. Floored…you are a bad… *shut your mouth* 🙂

  6. Debbie Parks on said:

    Hi Kelly, You may have met my husband at the chow hall over the past couple days. He was telling me how much fun it has been to chat with the DoDDS contingency. If you see this handsome colonel again, say hello for me! Debbie Parks

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