Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Adrenaline Rush, for sure!!

Getting ready for the Ride of the Day to get to our Situational Awareness and Personal Safety exercises!  Wow, what a great way to travel!  In case you can’t find me, I am the bad ass kneeling to the far right in the front row!  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Adrenaline Rush, for sure!!

  1. Wow! You are so official I can’t handle it. Rest assured that I will not throw a pretzel, or anything else for that matter, even in your general direction, upon your return! It is really nice to see a big smile on your face. This adventure was made for you and I am sure you are keeping the troops entertained! I know that you are in everyone’s hearts and on their minds. Keep us posted and definitely more pictures! Lots of love and well wishes from the Dirty Jerz!

  2. One last thing…I thought of you immediately…my brother just called, he is in from California to film a TV show…Good Wife!! Watch for him next season, he is playing a judge 🙂

  3. Laura V. on said:

    Jennifer clued me in to your blog. Looking forward to hearing all about your year. Send an address once you’re in the sandbox. I do good care packages!
    Good luck, chica!

  4. Carolyn on said:

    I agree with Joy that is one proud smile on your face! First time I haven’t seen you shy from a photo in long while and with good reason! You look great! Joy can’t wait to see your brother on the GW!!!!

  5. Rock’in!! 🙂 You look… ready to handle a classroom full of unruly students! 🙂

  6. Uncle Craig on said:

    Well, if you can’t get there in a jet, I guess a Black Hawk will do!

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