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Finally, it is time to head out….

I am a new Aunt the day before I head out for the next year!  Congratulations to my brother, Sean, and his wife Julie, as they welcome Cali Kennedy Dorsch — 7 lbs. 12 oz. this evening! Cali being so close to Kelly, guess we can all figure out who is the favorite sister!!  ha ha ha Thanks Seanie Bawnie, you are the best brother ever!!

After being delayed for a week, we have a 6:30 am call for luggage, get weighed (yes, my body with my backpack — oh boy), then we will receive our protection (and no, not what sailors receive when they have a port of call!).  Sit and wait for transport to the airport.  I’ll either be in Ramstein or Shannon for refueling — so those in Germany, I still have my SIM card and you just may receive a phone call :-)..

It will be a long day, and into the next, as the adventure begins to my new duty station!  Hopefully internet is up and working 24 hours from now.

Thanks for all the comments, emails, and well wishes!  Here is to the beginning of a new chapter!

Take care!!


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5 thoughts on “Finally, it is time to head out….

  1. Lynn on said:

    congratulations to Sean and Julie on a sweet little Cali! Kelly – best wishes to you as you set off on this great big new adventure! Looking forward to your blog when you get Internet again.

  2. Hilda on said:

    Awesome news, Kelley! I bet she is a beauty! Congrats, to Sean and Julie! Good luck on your next adventure! Looking forward in hearing more of your great experience! Take care and have a safe flight!

  3. Gloria Knauf on said:

    Congratulations on your honored Aunt status- best wishes and best of luck for an exciting, adventurous teaching experience! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. Penelope on said:

    So excited to hear your voice. Glad I found the blog spot. Can’t wait to hear about the next stage in your adventure…arrival.

  5. Uncle Craig on said:

    I hope that big Delta jet gets you to Kuwait City in good shape. Then it’s Uncle Sam’s Air Force for your luxurious transportation to lovely Afghanistan! Enjoy your adventure. I Talked to Tracy and your Mom and told them to relay our congrats to Sean & Julie!

    Uncle Craig

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