Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Safely in Bagram, now heading to Kabul..

Hi all!  Wow, what a hectic night we endured — well, at least 6 of us as the others stayed behind for a flight tomorrow night!  12:15 showtime after being told at 11:30 we would be heading out that evening!!  F*$)%….  Gathered up all my stuff, grabbed the Kevlar vest, helmet, belt and my weapon of choice and hung around the terminal until 2:15 when it was time to load the bus.  Pull up on the tarmac and see this HUGE US Air Force plane — a C17 — waiting for us to load!  It was amazing.  The plane is huge — it had pallets of gear, seats all along the side and 5 seats in the middle of the beast!  I wasnt sure how it was going to life off with all the gear and folks, and gas, and just being a monstrosity!  I loved every minute of the flight! Picture the AFN commercial where you see the military walking up the back of a plane to load, well, that was the kind of plane I was on — with 135 of my closest military and civilian acquaintances!!!   Must admit, military folk are extremely courteous and helpful — especially to the sweaty girl trying to balance her Kevlar vest, helmet swinging from it, weapon on but not with a cartridge, and the dreaded backpack!  Helped to get it all off me and plopped down in my seat for the 3  hr 45 min flight!  Now it’s time to get on the next US Air Force plane — I believe this time will be a C130!  Sorry, no pics allowed on the flight line so have nothing to show of the movement from Kuwait to my in-processing center.  First thing I noticed when we got off the c17, it feels about 85 here and is much more pleasant than Kuwait!  Damn, it was HOT there!

Once I am settled in Kabul, I’ll need to shower – won’t even tell you the last time that occurred — and then I will update my living arrangements there for the next three days!  Thank goodness for travel fresh wipes is all that all of us girls are saying at this time.  :-).    Happy Tuesday!!

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8 thoughts on “Safely in Bagram, now heading to Kabul..

  1. Almost there lady! Dodea’s Dorsch cannot be stopped!! Let us know when you get an address so we can send some things your way. Stay cool and keep posting! Sending lots of good wibes your way 😉

  2. Penelope on said:

    I am so enjoying the trip updates. Your expression that comes out is just amazing. It is like you are in the room. Lots of changes here. Need your email so I can give you a few updates. Excited to hear more. So pleased travel is going well.

  3. Rockin' on said:

    I believe in the next stage of Kelly’s life she will be a writer! Who gets to do these things!!! I look forward to her first book!

    • Ah, the title of the book — any ideas all?
      Hmmm, maybe I could really retire at 48 instead of 52 if it becomes a best seller! Maybe Matt Lauer would have me on the Today Show and Kenny Chesney would be so excited about what I did for a year, he would drop his nurse girlfriend and date the teacher/writer! Ahh, a girl can dream! (I know he is short but his bald head is sexy hot!!!)

  4. Jackie Whited on said:

    So, how much does all the extra gear weigh? I hope your next shower is long and with great water pressure and temp! So, what can I send you? More wipes? Girly stuff-shampoo, hair bands, your fav deodorant??? Plz share.

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