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Krista, Love jKl’s Advice

Yes, jKl has issues and those that know me very well know that I too may have some issues when it comes to cleanliness!  But let me tell you, jKl gave the best advice knowing that we share a common issue — when you are traveling from FOB to FOB, be sure to check out the latrine cleaning schedule!  My gosh, was he right on target with the intel!  As I went from Kuwait to Bagram to Kabul to Camp Eggers to Camp Morehead back to Eggers and finally, at my new home, the latrine cleaning schedule came in handy!  Although the pics below were from the same latrine (not where I am now), the main door and then the entrance into the latrine, well, let’s just say some days I was right on and others, well….  it was a bit dicey!  Thank goodness for croc flip flops that wash nicely!  I am now finally able to enjoy a latrine that is indoors, with actual doors that lock on the toilet and shower area, and not just a curtain that sways in the wind and tries to attach itself to my body when I am showering — my gosh, I don’t like that!!!!!!

Krista, please give jKl a big hug for the intel!

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8 thoughts on “Krista, Love jKl’s Advice

  1. Jackie Whited on said:

    have i missed a post with your address? if so, plz send. thank you!

  2. Brother on said:

    As I recall, you didn’t mind when we were growing up! hmmmmm

  3. Krista on said:

    I am glad his issues are finally being put to good use!

  4. kirsten on said:

    Keeeeeeeeellllllllllllyyyyyyy I missed you at the Wiesbaden fest the other day and I’ve been meaning to write to you! I’m so glad you’re doing well. You are an awesome shooter!

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