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Now I lay me down to sleep…..

Although it isn’t the comfort of my bed in WI, I have my own personal space due to plywood put up in between the four bedrooms in my “efficiency” living quarters. 🙂  As of now, I have two wonderful roommates — one a teacher from Korea and the other a British helicopter pilot, which means we actually have the 4th bedroom converted into a “living room”.  A bit scarce on the decor but at least I do have a lovely window treatment to accentuate the aluminum foil held up by duct tape in my window.  The gal living here before me knew how to make the place feel like home. 🙂  I have received a few items from  my sister Natty (okay, Natalie) and Jennifer — gotta love MPS — and now have my Gator fleece blanket on my bed plus lots of movies from Nat to watch on my computer.  Did I mention that there isn’t a TV in our living room?  Something to ponder though:  the helicopter pilots that live on the compound have offered to splice their cable wire for us if we ever do get a television.. football season is quickly approaching!!  What to do, what to do??

Laura-san, if you felt the need to make a patriotic quilt for me to hang on my plywood, I promise that it wouldn’t get left behind and it would make it in the suitcase home :-). Nat sent great movies and stuff for my what I do call my classroom, and  Jennifer sent a calendar and of course, I do have my Bunny pic taped to my “closet” so I know he is always with me!

Tonight is “20 minute movie clip” night and then a 20 minute discussion about the clip.  I’ll be back soon as Friday is my day off and I’ll be able to share more then…..   Have a good one!

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9 thoughts on “Now I lay me down to sleep…..

  1. Foil is all the rage in window treatments this year… I am so down with that! Missing my Oktoberfest girlfriend.

    • I can’t wait to see the foil in your quest bedroom — I know it probably has decorative duct tape unlike my typical black duct tape! Did you receive the tickets in the mail? Let me know when…I sure will miss you this year!

      • It just won’t be the same without you. I have not received the tickets yet, will let you know once I do though. As for the duct tape, don’t forget, you can never go wrong with basic black!

  2. Penelope on said:

    Send us a list of beloved items. I know we are looking forward to supporting the mission and helping to being a little bit of Germany to you and you look like you are between a “rock and a hard place”. Life is good here and we are enjoying the start of school.

  3. Miss Jade on said:

    Well I must say it’s not your usual Tommy Hilfiger decor.I am so proud of you. I know this does not make up for not having a good camping youth but you are doing a good job of making up for it.

    • Nope, no name brands here, just your PX special! I wouldn’t mind camping today, okay hiking during the day and then finding my 4/5 star lodge on the lake waiting for me….everyone else can stay in a tent!!

  4. mkbrad on said:

    Kelli … just got a chance to catch up on all your ‘adventures’ … so good to hear that all seems to be going well.

  5. Hi there!
    Great to read your blog! Amusing and somewhat familiar information. We have an idea of your living arrangement. What about your clients? Males, females, young and old, level of knowledge….It must be an intersting crowd.
    I met a German lady who was providing the same service, but about 30 years ago when there was more British guests around your area. 🙂
    I am looking forward to reading more about your experience. Take care!

  6. Uncle Craig on said:

    This almost rivals my hooch in Viet Nam (we lived in trailers …two lieutenants in one end and a Major in the other split by one bathroom. Very basic but they were air conditioned which was a luxury but that was only when the power was up!). They appear to be much better that the 10 man tents that we lived in during our deployments to Turkey! Say hello to your rotor-wing pilot from this old fighter pilot~

    Uncle Craig

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