Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Thursday Night is really Friday!

If only I could taste the real thing, a nice cold Andechs at the Ratskeller or my favorite hole in the wall, Klein Konig!  But, since I find myself enjoying strong winds and sand blowing everywhere, I’ll stick with what I can get here!  Friday is our day off from teaching, so Thursday night is our night to live it up.  Now, it is nowhere in the manner in which I would if I were in WI or any other place for that matter, but since I am digging the sand, I’ll cope with what’s available to me!

A friend was staying in WI finishing up some business before heading out from FRA airport and he so kindly sent a picture of what I was missing — at least he enjoyed the cold beer in my honor!  I know that many of you toast me on Friday Happy Hour, and even though I am not there, I sense it all the way over here! Thank you for having a beverage for me!

This pic was taken at Camp Eggers (we don’t have TV here in our DFAC) but replicates what happens here on Happy Hour Thursday!  At least it is still a German beer albeit non-alcoholic!  AARGH…….  As for my favorite cookie (and my Dad’s), well, they do have  oatmeal raisin here, too, and I indulge on Thursdays (I don’t eat four, usually two 🙂 ) — just call it my cheat day of the week!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Night is really Friday!

  1. Jackie Whited on said:

    It’s a shame that Radar and Klinger can’t swing some black market beer!

  2. Laura V. on said:

    Good on you for making the best of what you have where you are! 🙂

  3. Thinking of you often Kelly, not just on Fridays ! cheers to your near- beer and cookies!

  4. Uncle Craig on said:

    Reminds me of my Viet Nam days! We had alcholic beer but it was PBR usually out of a rusted steel can (pre aluminum can days). Yea, and I had to walk to school thru four foot snow drifts!!!!!

    Remember to check 6.

    Uncle Craig

    • I am hoping we get to taste the real thing around Thanksgiving or Xmas, or hopefully the New Year! I sure do hope it’s not PBR, though — but then again, at that time, I won’t care!!!

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