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Should’ve Been a Math Teacher…..

but I know why I am not and that I am an excellent English language teacher instead!  Yes, I enjoy math but I must admit it is because of the world’s best pencil out there! Do you happen to know the best pencil???

Yesterday, my students completed Text 12 and it was time for the ‘ole book test.  Well, like any great teacher would do when it’s possible their students wouldn’t have the appropriate writing tool or eraser for the test, she shall provide.  Indeed I did…….and because of great friends and family, I was able to share my joy and excitement of the Ticonderoga pencil with my students for their test!  They were so grateful to receive the “Ticonderoga Test Pencil” with a sharp point and unused eraser, that all of them passed their first book test.   Yes, they all passed with an 80% or above which means now we move on to Text 13 — which I am excited about b/c it’s all about sports!!

The “Ticonderoga Test Pencil” was collected upon test completion but all my students will be able to keep their best pencil ever once they complete the book test for Text 13.  I believe I’ll take a picture of them smelling their pencil like I enjoy doing whenever I have the pleasure to scribe with the best smelling wood pencil out there!!  I sure hope they have as much excitement about a pencil as I do ……plus share in my opinion!!

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4 thoughts on “Should’ve Been a Math Teacher…..

  1. Math Teachers are the BEST! It’s just that those elementary school teachers don’t like the math so they screw up all the little monsters for their future college math instructors 🙂 Glad to hear the appreciation for the ticonderoga spans across the globe.

  2. That is the most wonderful story about pencils that I ever read! How do you feel about a brand new box of crayons??

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