Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Flying High, hopefully soon….

Wow, it is amazing to see every day the dedication my students have to learn English and want to better themselves.  Every day is rather entertaining with, “Teacher, what is measure?” “Student, measure is to determine the amount  for liquids in ounces; to determine the length/width/height of objects/people, etc”  “No, no, teacher.  Measure.” “Yes, measure is to ….  ”  “No, no the man who came to talk to our class, is he a measure?”  “A measure?  Oh my goodness, not a measure, a Major.  A Major is a rank in the military but the man who came today is the new Colonel for our area”.  Measure, major — it’s the little things that make us laugh throughout the day.  But in the end, the goal is to get up into the skies and fly — rather it be fixed wing or rotary!

Well, the day finally came for 17 students who are moving on towards their goal!  With certificates passed out and smiles all around, it was time to enjoy the birds that will fly in the sky!  I was fortunate enough to have the exact same Timex Expedition Target special watch as Cdr. Jeff, who happens to oversee the pilot training program, and said that any day I was free, he would gladly take me up  in his bird!

While in Japan, I was able to fly in the cockpit during landing after a morale trip to Korea.  While in Germany, I toured the outside of some big cargo planes, and now here, in my new country, I will be able to fly up in a bird and hopefully see more than sand!!  Not sure it will be better than my trip in the Black Hawk but I will be sure to let you know when it does happen! 

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8 thoughts on “Flying High, hopefully soon….

  1. That story with the Measure reminds me of my first month working for DoDDS. I was with you gals watching some tv show on AFN and an ad came on. The man was from the Navy, standing on a ship with a lot of ropes and nets behind him. Master Weaver was written below in subtitles as he spoke. I was confused and came into the kitchen to ask you what a Master Weaver did in the military- only to discover that was his rank and his last name was Weaver. Thank goodness you teach English. Hope you got some great photos from the pit!!!

  2. Laura V. on said:

    WAY COOL! That’s all I can say about that. 🙂

  3. Pat Best on said:

    I love reading about your exploits and I’m proud of your students for completing their course.

  4. sdorsch310 on said:

    Strange my SIS hanging with pilots….HMMMMMM

  5. sdorsch310 on said:

    PS we should talk about each of ours watch collections, you know I have you beat..

  6. Pat and Sue Krummrei on said:

    Hi, Kelly! You are the most “kick ass”, energetic, enthusiastic, fun, young single woman we know! What an incredible adventure you are having!! We are so excited to read the book that you must absolutely publish. Pat and I are back on the continent finishing up some business and are now traveling northern Italy. We’ve been at Lake Como for three days and are on the look out for George C. We hope to catch up with him at the local golf course:) Off to the Piedemonte for some hiking and wine tasting, then we’ll be back in Wiesb for a mini reunion with friends before departing on the 1st. Still hoping you’ll come our way for Frontier Days one of these summers!
    Sue and Pat

  7. Uncle Craig on said:

    If Cmdr Jeff can teach you to hover that rotor winged beauty, You’d be able to fly anything. Personally, I don’t care much for those machines……too many moving parts!

    Uncle Craig

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