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Ooops, posted too soon…..

So, now what to do about those that want Bunny?  I am willing to negotiate to make sure that Bunny stays safe while I am helping pilots become better English speakers.  Any thoughts on how to save Bunny?


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5 thoughts on “Ooops, posted too soon…..

  1. Danielle on said:

    If you dont pay the ransom, a Ticonderoga pencil will be used to jab Bunny in they eye. Sniff on that!

  2. I don’t EVER recall a cute girl in PIGTAILS! Do we have pictures of that to put beside trussed up bunny?

    • Umm hello! Okay, can’t locate a pigtail photo here since my photos are stored on my old computer but wahlah, I will post a different pic that shows “cute”! My opinion but a true one!

  3. Pat Best on said:

    Oh no! Not Bunny!! That’s pretty funny Kelly.

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