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Sniff, Sniff…. Missed Oktoberfest

Living overseas for 15 years now, with 10 (9) years of it in Germany, yesterday was a difficult day in the sand!  Either going on a 16 hour bus tour to Munich (I don’t recommend) or making reservations at a great hotel three blocks from the fest (yes!!), I would highly suggest that everyone should at least make it to one Oktoberfest in their lifetime!  Thanks to John Hedges, who retired quite a few years back, I was given the responsibility of carrying on the tradition for DoDEA teachers and being the go to girl for reservations at the Hippodrome!  Well, I have to say that year after year, I fulfill my duties as the official Oktoberfest party planner! Yesterday was the day that 22 folks gathered in Munich to enjoy the last weekend of Oktoberfest — and I have already received some pics of the fun and frolicking! Don’t fret, promise not to post the incriminating pictures. 🙂  Last year, I had the pleasure of having my brother and his wife come and enjoy the mas beers in the tent — and yes, Julie was able to party on a bit longer than Sean! :-O

I sure do miss being there with all of you but am glad to hear that although it was wet throughout the day, it didn’t dampen the fun on the train, at the hotel, outside the tent, and of course, inside the tent, too!

Next year, I look forward to heading to my 10th Oktoberfest and hopefully those that partied on this year will have one more in them to celebrate with me!  Andy (and Olivier, newbies to the group — have learned about pacing and have standing reservations with the group), thanks for sharing the pics and for those that weren’t there last year….here I am with Andy inside the tent (Sept. ’10) , along with this years reservation for DoDEA teachers under my name!

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5 thoughts on “Sniff, Sniff…. Missed Oktoberfest

  1. You were missed, of course! The good news is that you have next year’s festivities to look forward to! And we promise not to let you down!

  2. Maybe your missed Oktoberfest means you had a chance to catch up on the Good Wife…my brother’s episode airred here on AFN last night! He is the “Harvard” judge. Hope you caught it 🙂

  3. Laura V. on said:

    I went to the Oktoberfest in Seoul. Was the only one in German dress, but I had my schnitzel and kraut and a self-made Radler anyway. Far cry from Germany. So I’ll join you in that WAAAAaaaaaaaa! 🙂

  4. Sue and Pat on said:

    Hi, Kelly – Any reason why you can’t initiate your own “Afghani-Fest”? With you as the queen of the fest, how could it fail??We drove past Munich during the big “O” but are planning our own here at our house the weekend. No reservations necessary – just oxygen and walkers 🙂

  5. You were missed! It was our first ever! Jim and Vicki had a great time. I knowit would have been even better with you! I hope you are well.

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