Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

Christmas in October!

Although I had to work on Memorial Day, those that man the “mail pick-up” trailer were off!  The great thing about not being able to pick up packages on Monday, means that on Tuesday there is a boat load for me, yes Kelly Anne had tons of mail!  I received the notification in my “official” sandbox email that stated, “Hello Sandbox Patron, You are requested to pick up your parcel (notice singular) between our  open hours of 15:00 and 16:00 blah blah blah”.  Well, I was already dressed for the gym so Francine was more than willing to go pick up my parcel b/c she too had mail.  Low and behold, the day I choose not to ride over to the “mail” side it’s Christmas time with the boxes!  Yes, 7 boxes and another today!!

An assortment of goodies found their way to me — socks, tons of different types of socks, a new Florida Gator t-shirt (my 2nd one so far), face wash, a fabulous fleece blanket that I washed as soon as it came out of the box and put it on my bed, new sleeping socks, cleaning latex gloves (you all know how much I love germs), snacks and more snacks, the NEW Dave Matthews CD, 70 individually wrapped Halloween candy bags (keeps out the grubby paws, and germs :-), football plates/napkins with a great window sticker (now in my classroom window), a winter coat and pants requested from my home, Oktoberfest goodies (to be used shortly – I am going to follow Sue and Pat’s advice :-), along with some festive fall decor!

I can’t thank you enough for thinking about me and taking the time to send care packages to me that contain items I would thoroughly enjoy, and need,  if I were still in Germany!  Look forward to thanking you all next year with a nice cold Andechs, or two!

Please see the pics below — yes, I love candy corn at Halloween time and at this time, I have bought stock in Brachs.  Please, if you have a bag that you are considering sending to me, the pictures below say a thousand words!

PS:  Those of you that know my boss at Hainerberg –classic move that an assortment of socks from knee-high, to mid calf, to running (the best), to boot length, etc. made it my way  in a SHOE BOX — who would have thought??  But shit, NO new pair of shoes!!!



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3 thoughts on “Christmas in October!

  1. Jennifer on said:

    Trick or treat! I think you have enough candy to pass out for trick or treaters in three weeks! Maybe you can do a graphing activity with them:) You are loved and missed more than you know. It is too quiet here. Let us know what else we can get or do to help you out. Miss you friend!How about a nice postcard that I can hang up in my classroom?

  2. Laura V. on said:

    Being the thrifty gal that I am has truly paid off this time…I was waiting for the Halloween candy to go on sale before I bought you a boat load of candy corn. No need now! Homecoming weekend for us here in Osan. Being the football fanatic that you are, I know you’ll appreciate that I’m going to a game. Cheering for the guys in blue…or is there home jersey black? Need to figure that out, eh? Go Cougars!

  3. Penelope on said:

    I thought long and hard before sending the pkg. Figured your shoe collection was limited to boots and flip flops for the shower and maybe a pair or two of running shoes. However, I can say that I am really enjoying my new talbots loafers. They look great on casual Friday’s with a school spirit shirt and jeans. Socks seem practical and options are always good. Plus, now I have another pair of flats; which you know is atypical for me. Got to keep the staff happy with a practical side sometimes.

    PS JCC was from 4-5:30 today-and no snacks. Things are not right when you don’t have a snack for JCC. Miss my corn dogs.

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