Sand Through My Toes

My big adventure in the sand

I LOVE receiving care packages, letters, postcards, etc. but….

when a care package arrives and there is a wanted poster inside it makes me shudder at the thought that someone would want to capture me!  But wait a minute, it’s not me they want to capture, it is Bunny!  Yes, Bunny!!  My “will travel with me from Florida to Japan, to Germany, to my new location (okay, only in picture format but still with me) is suddenly wanted!  I don’t believe wanted in a good way  to keep company, or to comfort b/c Bunny misses me, no in a “Dead or Alive” situation!  Bunny, who wears my pajama’s from when I was a cute little girl in pigtails, along with my childhood blanket tied around its neck like a lovely scarf, the same one my brother tried to hide from me behind the piano!  Plus, who would want Bunny “Dead or Alive” — he is missing an eye, plus an ear, once again from MY BROTHER who tried to pull him away from me and ripped off its ear!!!

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2 thoughts on “I LOVE receiving care packages, letters, postcards, etc. but….

  1. Penelope on said:

    How do you select the right sock? I never really considered all the sock options that are out there until recently. There are running socks, walking socks, boot socks and even combat socks. Then you have to consider height, cushioning, odor resistance, wicking ability and yarn content. Well, after much debate I just bought them all. You decide, if you don’t like them share or send back for an exchange.

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